Bodypainting and Illustrations by Janine Rewell

Body-painting doesn’t jump to mind to many designers as a great way to communicate. We have seen many failed attempts trying to use this medium in the world of design. Illustrator Janine Rewell gave it another go and did managed to create this stunning poster series for Finnish shoe brand Minna Parikka.







Fashion Shows: The Odd and the Beautiful Part 1.

Aah fashion season. The time of the year London, Milan, New York and Paris gets taken over by the beautiful, the jet set, and the weird. The concept of a fashion show is pretty straight forward: One designer showcases his/her new collection on around 10 models in a very fast pace in a pale environment.

Luckily some brands don’t operate to this standard and always push out the boat at these bi-annual event making their show the one to remember.

Below is just a snap shot of fashion shows that are remembered for their beauty or for its weirdness..

Moncler Grenoble Fall / Winter mens 2014. If robots take over the world one day, this is how I imagine their fashion shows would be.

Peter Pilotto for target presentation by studio Betak. Known for their incredible design and structures they didn’t let anyone down with this presentation.

Rick Owens Spring / Summer show mens 2014. With a performance by Estonian grind metal band Winny Puhh

Dimensional paintings by Adam Neate

Some of you might remember the guy who left his art in the street. His name is Adam Neate and he didn’t stop producing art after this. He has since been working on Dimensional paintings. Using different materials and offsetting them against each other he creates abstract self portraits. The result is quite stunning. Read the full bio about the paintings below:

“Adam Neate is a self taught British artist who began by leaving his paintings, on cardboard, on the streets of London and now has work in collections in 29 countries around the world.

A fearless painter, he has developed his own language of Dimensional Painting ; in Neate’s most recent work, space itself has become a medium, with the viewer activating their own ‘viewing space’ by moving and changing their vantage point, in order to get the full multi-dimensional effect.”




Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 13.05.30

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 13.05.52

Via But does it float Pictures via Paul nine-O

The Hostel Guide Part 1.

In the following Hostel guides parts we will share some of the best designed and affordable hostels around. With travel being big on everyone’s agenda these days, who doesn’t want to make sure they pay the least for the most.

We Hostel by Felipe Hess

Designer Felipe Hess has turned a mansion in Sao Paulo into a design hostel. The young designer took the project up from a friend who founded We Hostel in the Vila Mariana neighbourhood.

The hostels clean and simple design is being accented by it’s furniture. Couple of it’s main features are chalkboard ceilings and QR codes scattered throughout the hostel that reveal curated mix tapes and neighbourhood maps.





Emanuel Hostel by Lana Vitas Gruić

Split in Croatia has a new hostel in the form of Emanuel hostel. Housed in an apartment block the hostel offers 15 beds in these beautifully designed spaces. Owners Mila and Toni Radan wanted to make the most of this space and design it in a way it fits in the city of Split. “From the beginning, it was our desire to create a comfortable, functional and modern space that has the spirit of a Split street,”





Generator Hostel in Venice 

Anyone who has travelled across Europe knows about the Generator Hostels. If you don’t, you might want to look into it. Known for bringing design and affordable accommodation together, their new venue in Venice does the trick once more. With focus even more on design they are aiming at every social class in the world, wether you’re a backpacker, hipster or family Generator will accommodate for you.

Keep an eye out on the Generator website as they will be opening hostels in many more European cities very soon, including Paris and Rome.